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 How to ''glitch'' Norton Mobile Security Trial days

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PostSubject: How to ''glitch'' Norton Mobile Security Trial days   Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:02 am

Hello all,

i have 35 years of free protection from
Norton (beta) --> will be no more trial later.
It's just a glich, you don't have to download anything from the pc.

Please read the whole thread to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings..

Step 1. What you need first:

- You only need Wifi or Roaming

Step 2.

Go to the official market and download Norton beta, not connect
After intalled, Do not launch it yet!
if so, delete norton and download it again.

Step 3.

Go to Options - Date and time - and change the year to what you want. ( i have a sgs and i only can put it up to the year 2036 )

(you can do step 2 and 3 reversed)

Now minimize it.

Step 4.

now first, Trun off Wifi, to avoid that the date changes back to the year 2011. launch Norton and click on subscription or renew now. You will notice that you get this message:
''The current time on your device is incorrect. Please reset your system clock to the correct time: ## - ## - ####.
(it's the time you are currently do this)

Step 5.

Now, while that message pops-up, turn on Wifi.
On my phone, the date changes back to the date you are doing this. now i
see i have 9134 days of subscription. if the date doesn't changes back,
then you have to do that manually.

This method was found by me: TheRemco.

another thing, this method is different on all phones. if you have any problems, please comment here or send me a pm.
I think that my method works on all the trials of different apps, i'm not sure but i'll test that later

There is only 1 tricky bug:
When you click on the norton app wile your wifi is enabled, the
subscription days will be 90 days again. if you have this problem, then
do this whole thing again!

Thanks Smile
Thanks to TheRemco
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How to ''glitch'' Norton Mobile Security Trial days
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